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well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, september 16th. and we continue to get new an early-morning officer- involved shooting in concord. at this hour, several -- [ no
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audio ] -- are closed off because of the growing investigation. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us with an update. >> reporter: good morning. we've been out here since 4:00 this morning and we have been showing you how the authority is pushing the crime scene tape back. this crime lab vehicle was just -- has just been pulled into the crime scene within the last hour. this is video which we shot moments after the technicians began working. according to protocol, this shooting involved two concord officers. those officers were not hurt. those have been placed on paid administrative leave. the man officers shot and paramedics rushed to the hospital may have been a suspect wanted on several robbery warrants. they say two officers in a squad car patrolling around
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2:30 noticed the man who matched the description. the officers tried to make contact along clayton road. the officers at some point in the chase got out of their squad car and an ralph the man only being described as a male in his 20s. authorities are still investigating whether the man actually opened fire on the officers. the man is at john muir medical center in walnut creek this morning. we don't have any word on his condition. >> it was just the officers out looking around and saw this individual and decided they wanted to stop and contact him and that's when the foot pursuit started. we don't have any information about whether or not any shots were fired by the suspect. we're still investigating that part of it. >> reporter: concord police cannot say if the man shot this morning was, indeed, the man who officers thought was wanted on those outstan -- outstanding
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warrants. the lieutenant is looking in to for me how long the officers have been on the force. at this point, he can only say "a while." well, health experts are warning about toxic dangers tied to the blast in san bruno a week ago today. as we look out live, this is a wide, live picture of what it look like at the moment. all of that debris is a possible pool with toxins in it. there is a significant
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revelation about the section of pipe north of the pipeline that blew up. kraig debro has more on why pg&e decided to delay the repairs on that aging line. >> reporter: good morning, dash. i'm gonna tell you that and also why pg&e won't say where the line is. now, this is the same gasline, different section, same gasline that exploded in san bruno a week ago today. a lot of questions about the pipeline that exploded there and here. now, we know that pg&e considered the pipe located here in the city is more risky than in san bruno, where it exploded. pg&e amid for and was given -- applied for and was given permission to raise our rates to pay for the pipeline in south san francisco. pg&e said the risk of the failure of the pipe was
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unacceptably high. the utility collected nearly $5 million and was supposed to replace the intersection last year but did not. a year later, maybe some other item becomes more emergent that we need to fix. that's why we will direct the funds and then we'll go back and look at what the things are that are urgent tomorrow. >> according to these same documents, utility recently submitted a list of construction projects to the puc, the pipeline under san francisco, that's two and a half miles north of the section of san francisco is on the list. and they want the puc to put up on additional $5 million. people in south san francisco don't seem to be outraged at they are about the -- as they are about the section that poses an unacceptably higher
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risk. >> they should be checking everything. they know there's something wrong. it makes me wrong. i think they should be more concerned about the people would live around the neighborhood. >> reporter: the same documents indicate the company still believes the area here needs to be replaced but doesn't plan to start the work unl 2012. i called pg&e, got ahold of them and asked about that. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. now, the san bruno pipeline explosion has prompted the obama administration to beef up the pipeline safety and inspections but an east bay congressman said the changes don't go far enough. john garamendi says some of pg&e's most dangerous pipelines are in his district. he says the federal government
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should immediately make sure they are safe. >> already scheduled is the replacement of the livermore/sunol pipeline. it's supposed to be begin in 2011. pg&e ought to be out there with the backhoes and shovels getting that project underway. >> garamendi took part in a hearing with the committee. we are continue, of course, to follow the san bruno fire and explosion during the next two hours here on "mornings on 2." you can get updates at any time by going to our channel 2 website, 7:07. just released numbers on unemployment are somewhat encouraging. the labor department says new claims for jobless benefits fell by 3,000 to the lowest level in three months.
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the done indicates -- the drop indicates there's weakening. there could be a big hotel strike. workers of the hyatt and hilton authorized to strike. they've been working without a contract for 15 months. the key sticking points are healthcare costs and wages. >> it's very hard. it's very hard. they don't want to pay more for that. >> we also need to be able to have contracts that are fair to the people who not only work in the hotels but who own them as well. >> union leaders will meet tomorrow to decide if there will be a strike or not and if so, when? how are we doing with the traffic, sal? >> just got word of a crash northbound 101 near the golf drive. i have a map of it for you,
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101, golf drive. this accident is blocking almost all of the lanes. major injuries and traffic is rapidly backing up into morgan hill. it's quickly barking up -- backing up. we have almost the entire freeway blocked. you should make note of this if you are a commuter in the area. 237, stop-and-go traffic there as you drive up past the 237/880 interchange. this morning's commute is gonna be okay if you are driving to the bridge, it's backed up for about a 10 to 15-minute delay. now, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. good morning to you all. yes, yes. fog not as much as we've had the past couple of morning. it's a little bit shallower. the city looking for a high of 65 today which would be 4 warm
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he than yesterday. headline is warmer. but the weekend's tough, tough, tough. >> patchy fog will give way to sunshine and warmer weather. drizzle returns tomorrow. it looks like rain for the north bay saturday afternoon, evening. maybe san jose north by sunday. it will be gone by monday. today's easy. after the fog, it will be sunny and a little bit warmer. the system is aligning itself more north to south. that's going to wipe it out, at least slow it down for a day. fremont, 56 right now. we'll go 68 and a high of 74 today which is three warmer than yesterday. 56 san francisco. we'll go for a high of 65. still belowage for this time of year -- still below average for this time of year, especially if you are fog-free.
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50s and 60s, except monterey, 48 cool degrees. it's not the front i'm worried about. that doesn't concern me. it's right here. the low will continue to deepen and then it will put on the braking and slide towards us. as it does, this area will juice things up by saturday. fog burning off. don't cancel any plans. fog burning off, sunny for most, warmer, a late breeze. a wind is almost calm for most locations. there's still a little bit of a puff of a breeze out towards fairfield. the fog returns tomorrow, drizzle. we cloud it up. oakland, san francisco, vallejo north. light and then it's gone monday. tori and dave? >> 7:11. this morning the evidence says the state budget crisis is heading into record-setting territory. and a new poll about how americans feel about president
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obama's plan to boost taxes on the wealthy. and where a 5-year-old san francisco girl was playing when she became the victim of gunfire.
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good morning. some fog but not as much as we saw the past couple of mornings. some low to mid-80s inland. here's tori. a rosary service will be held tonight for the mother and daughter killed in last week's fire and explosion in san bruno. the vigil for jacqueline grgei and her daughter janessa begins tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. the memorial service for
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victim jessica morales will be held saturday night. last night jessica's mother made an emotional visit to the site. she was allowed to visit her site where her 20-year-old daughter died a year ago the she was watching football with her boyfriend at the time. her boyfriend almost died. but thanks to this guy, michael zapata, joe rui-gomez survived. he was seriously hurt. >> he was in his house and his house blew up. he had watched his girlfriend, you know -- he tried to save her and he couldn't. so she perished right this front of him. >> rue-gomez is now in the burn center at st. francis medical center in san francisco. we don't know the official word
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of his condition. but relatives say he was burned over 0% of had had -- over 40% of his body. state lawmakers in sacramento are likely to set a record. today the state budget is 78 days late. the record was set in 2008, when the governor didn't sign a budget until october. this year on the 78th day without a budget, democrats and republicans appear nowhere near an agreement. a new poll shows almost half of the country opposes tax increases for the richest americans and that's not good news for president obama who is trying to get congress to boost taxes on the wealthy. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with more on this. good morning, alison. >> reporter: well, good morning
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to you. that's right. the bottom line is that the country and democrats are split about whether there should be tax increases for wealthy americans. an a.p. poll shows that about 54% of americans agree with president obama on the issue. he wants to let the bush-era tax cuts expire this year for households making over $250,000, while keeping the tax cuts for everyone else. but the same poll shows the rest of the country agrees with republicans who say everyone should keep this tax cuts. >> higher taxes won't get anybody hired. raising taxes on job creators won't create jobs and house republicans will stand united. >> we should be able to extend right now middle-class tax relief of the first -- on the first $250,000 of income. which, by the way, 98% of americans make less than $250,000 a year. >> reporter: now, the democrats
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are breaking ranks. they've sent a letter to nancy pelosi saying they don't want any tax increases. so right now, the president doesn't have the votes in congress to get it passed. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. new figures on home foreclosures show lenders took home more homes last month than they month since the mortgage crisis began three years ago. more than 95,000 homes were foreclosed. realtytrack says more than -- realty track says the number is the same number last year and up 3% since july. a new survey says americans have become more cautious about buying a home. the survey by fannie mae shows
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47% of americans believe home prices will stay steady, while 31% believe a slight rebound is coming in the next year. the survey also showed that 70% believe it's a good time to buy a house compared to only 64% in january. it is 7:18. police hope a $17,000 reward will lead to arrests in the fatal shooting of a berkeley man. 35-year-old adolfo ignacio was shot and kill last sunday at adeline and emmerson street. police say he was walking with his fiancee when two robbers attacked them. the shooters were seen driving away in an older model two-tone suv. a 5-year-old san francisco girl is recovering after being shot in the leg at a chinatown playground. it happened last friday evening at a public housing complex on pacific avenue. police detabed several juveniles nearby. one them a 17-year-old was arrested after police allegedly found a gun on him. the gun is being tested to
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determine if it was used in the shooting. well, chevron now has the go ahead to build the world's largest solar plant. we'll tell you where they plan to do -- plan to build it and what it will do for customers.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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officials at craigslist are opening up about the fate of the adult services section on their u.s. website. that section was closed down september 3rd because of a lot of pressure from 18 states attorney general and authorities worried about prostitution and the trafficking of children. yesterday, executives told a congressional committee in washington, d.c. they had had no plans to bring that adult section back but they defended their track record for cooperating with law enforcement services. 7:23. fair jumping at b.a.r.t -- fare jumping at b.a.r.t. stations may not be as trivial as some think. but they say many of those cheaters are wanted for those more serious crimes including assault, robbery and even murder. officers say they are baffled
7:24 am
at people you think would want to fly under the radar are actually calling attention to this themselves. >> the people you would think are walk on egg shells, often come straight in. for what reason? i don't know. >> officers say uniformed and plane-clothes officers will continue to hold out there. okay. let's go back to sal. >> when i did that story last night, i realized a lot of good people take b.a.r.t. they are the trains this morning. there's no delays. we also take your tweets. unless you know differently, send it to me in twitter. we have the major accident on
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the golf parkway. some cars are getting through -- some cars are getting through. a lot of people drive through there and it will be severe slip delayed. you may if you know your way around, get on the road just far up and pass the accident and you will be in better shape. moving along and taking a look at 280, that's also slow in the south bay. no major problems coming up to highway 17. and the commute on westbound bridge is backed up for a 20- minute delay. and there is a spider on the delay. did you see that, steve? did i? by the way, twitter, spweather. just coming in the fog, parts it on the way. it looks like it's thickest on the san mateo coast. hardly on the sonoma coast. the big, big low up in the gulf
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of alaska. today, we'll have sunshine and a little bit warmer weather. temperatures today will be bouncing off some of these 40s and 50s. we'll go 80 in town. airport will be about 75. 65, san francisco, fingers crossed. walnut creek. mostly sunny down there right now. napa/santa rosa 48 this morning. low 50s. palo alto, mid- to upper 50s for some. the big low -- the big low will continue to deepen. the low works it way towards us friday, saturday, sunday. i think saturday night, sunday morning, the best opportunity for rain. i will give this my full attention tomorrow. fog burning off. sunny for most. the late breeze. most locations say palm but there is a little north- northeast in napa. drizzle returns friday, cooler. that whole system comes through for a lot of clouds and a little bit of rain. it's gone by monday. dave and tori? >> thank you, steve.
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four people with hard luck stories about the pipeline disaster in san bruno are now in jail. >> reporter: and a warning this morning for victims of the san bruno disaster. why state officials are worried they could become victims again. and sarah shourd may be out on bail but there's bad news for the two hikers still behind bars in iran. we'll tell you the discouraging words for the president of iran.
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new estimates put the cost of damage caused by the san bruno explosion and fire at nearly $38 million. city, building and planning officers say there's more than $31 million in damage to homes and private property. the additional cost is for damage to public infrastructure, including streets. well, there are concerns this morning that scam artists are at work after the san bruno explosion trying to take advantage of the victims that ripped them off. ktvu's claudine wong joins us with more on that part of our coverage. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes. i just talked to a spokesperson for the state licensing board. he's on his way down here right now from sacramento for a press conference this morning to warn homeowners about possible scam artists. i want to give you a look at
7:31 am
claremont drive where we're standing. for these residents, there's really no going back to this home. we have seen an army of strucks and contractors in this neighborhood over the last 24 hours, relit last several days. those crews are cleaning their homes and they are power washing, they are assessing. they are scrubbing. we've seen folks hired by pg&e and others getting in here and getting the work done. state licensing board, not worried about those folks. they are concerned instead with the unlicensed contractors and those trying to get residents to commit to some type of service early on, people who may be recognizing hill self. >> a lot of contractors are saying that they were sent by pg&e. that's not true. if they want to find out, they can call pg&e and get a list so they can know who is on that list. >> reporter: the state licensing board says they are
7:32 am
in large part preemptive. they've had rumors of possible scams. they want to get on top of this problem before it conceivably gets out of control. officials have deal -- officials at the contractors board have teamed up. the folks from the licensing board left sacramento early this morning and they are on their way down here now. they are coming here to our location so they can talk to us live coming up on "mornings on 2." claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. 7:32. well, four suspects accused this a different type of disaster scam were already in jail this morning. police accuse them of trying to cash in on pipeline disaster by claiming they lost their homes in the fire. but investigators say dmv records show their homes were actually miles away from the
7:33 am
disaster zone. those four suspects were booked on suspicion of burglary, and others charges. investigators are still at the scene of an early-morning officer-involved scene that happened near clayton road at 2:0 this morning -- 2:30 this morning. police say officers spotted the man walking who they thought was wanted on several robbery warrants. police tryied to kak contact the man he ran off. ty caught him and he's in the hospital and the officers, two of them, are on paid leave. an 11-year-old boy told police that a man in a blue or turquoise-colored prius tried to rush hour him into the car
7:34 am
tried to lure him into a car. on monday, two 14-year-old byes told police that two men in a jeep cherokee offered them a ride near pleasant hill school. >> here is an update on the jockey critically injured at golden gate fields. he remains in critical condition. michael martinez was thrown off his horse during a race on sunday and then his horse roled over him. he has a major head injury. his spinal cord was sevennerred and that left him paralyzed from the waist down. the mothers of the two american men still imprisoned in iran hope the release of sarah shourd means their sons will be coming home, soon but there is a new development that makes that seem unlikely. let's go to pam cook.
7:35 am
>> reporter: good morning. the mothers of shane bauer and josh fattal has urged iran's president to bring them with him when he kims to new york to address the united nations -- comes to new york to address the united nations next week. but president mahmoud ahmadinejad said he would not intervene. he says the two men need to prove they did not mean to commit any offense. they are accused of spying. meantime, sarah shourd is staying out of the spotlight. reportedly she's been seen by doctors for a lung in her breast, depression and a precancerous condition. the embassy said she will not be speaking to the media except for a short time when she is
7:36 am
leaving the country. >> all of my efforts starting today are gonna go in to helping procure the statement freedom for my fiance shane bauer and for my friend josh fattal because i can't enjoy my freedom without them. >> we've learned that shourd is being deprevioused by u.s. officials in oman about the details of her arrest and about a former fbi agent who disappeared in iran three years ago. there are reports that sarah shourd's bail and trips by private jet were paid for by oman. iran's chief prosecutor says espionage trials will begin soon for the three hikers, even if she does not return to iran for the trial. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm pam cook, let's go back to tori. commuters on interstate 680 may see some relief in the commute over the sunol grade
7:37 am
soon. that's because the first express lane is about to open in a few hours. the lane will run on southbound 680 between highway 84 and sunol and highway 237 in milpitas. the rain will be free for carpoolers. s the fee depends on -- the fee depends on the traffic. the heavier the traffic, the more the fee. sal, how are the folks doing in san jose on 101? >> we've had accident in san jose. it's a major problem problem at kolkita creek golf. they've made some improvement. they've eached up a couple of lanes and the backup is huge in a spot where we don't normally see backups.
7:38 am
and that's what most computers hate. they have their routine down and they drive a certain section. 101 is slowing down approaching sunnyvale. at the toll plaza, we have about a 20-minute delay waiting to pay the money. here's steve. >> thank you, sal. sunshine for most already. some areas have some patchy, stratus fog. stratus on the hills. sonoma coast looks fog-free. now, patchy fog, some of it, again, just more along the coast. what's inland will burn off fast. sunny and warm he. a little bit of a northerly breeze comes back. the system has been working its way closer. that means cooler weather for friday. it looks like it's mostly cloudy. right now what i'm looking at
7:39 am
is saturday evening. san jose north, sunday morning. it should be gone. i know the giants play, the raiders. let me fine-tune all of this tomorrow. right now, it's just giving me fit. fog, sunny, warm he. you can see why the ridge of high pressure is building in. that system is moving north. that will allow us to warm up a little bit today. high of 74 today after yesterday's 71. 60s, 70s and 80s inland. sunny and a little warmer. now, if we can get the city to warm up. sunny, cool to nice. if you are in the sun, it's not bad. protected by a big building and you don't have the breeze, it's okay. 65 in the city. oakland, 68 downtown. we'll go 70 today and san jose, 73. 76. they had low clouds yesterday. they only had patchy fog clouds. some of the lows without the cloud cover right on down.
7:40 am
kenwood, 46. yountville, 48. windsor is 48. although they will be about 8 on the high side. >> 32 up in tahoe. if you are heading up to the mountains thursday, friday, the days are cold. the low is the key here. it's put on -- it's going to deepen. as it deepens, that fires up the ridge. tomorrow it stops and then it starts to move in. i'm not worried about that. i'm worried about this and the low. there will be a lot of drizzle coast and bay. we cloud it up saturday
7:41 am
evening. sunday morning for everyone else. it's gone sunday and monday looks nice. 20 minutes before 8:00. viewers are casting their ballots at for their favorite high school football game. last night there was a surge of online voting. there are five games to choose from and the ones getting the most votes right now are saint ignacios and los gatos. the highlights of the game will be aired on the 10:00 news tomorrow night and the winner is announced this afternoon. "idol" wanna-bees can go to the "american idol" page on myspace. entrants can approve a song from the list and no longer than 50 second. the deadline is october 6th.
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for another reality show "so you think you can dance" auditions are coming to oakland next month. producers will be evaluating potential contestants on october 13th at the paramonttheater. some good news for small businesses and their ability to higher more workers and developing news out of san francisco. why dozens have gathered outside a uc meeting.
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taking a live look at the numbers on wall street, the numbers are down, despite the relatively good news. after a september rally the first few weeks of this month, the investors are taking a bit of a breather. the dow is down 1, 10,559. nasdaq down 5. s&p is down 4. 7:45. well, a protest demonstration is just starting in san francisco. we were looking at it live. you are looking at live pictures right now. this reportedly is a gathering of uc employees including custodians, bus drivers, food service workers. they say they are out their protesting uc president mark
7:46 am
yudof's plan to change employees' retirement benefits. these workers claim the changes could force some of the lowest- pay employees to go to public assistance. more on this late sneer meanwhile, willie brown has angered long-time union members. the measure he is proposing would require san francisco city workers to pay 10% of their salaries towards their pension. willie brown defends his position saying he's not anti- labor. he says the pension system needs to be fixed. democratic candidate for governor, jerry brown, has said requiring changes to pensions for all state employees would be on the table. on the other hand.
7:47 am
meg whitman said she would not touch these employees. the u.s. senate is close to passing some long delayed legislation that would open up credit lines to small businesses -- businesses. today the senate is expected to pass a bill that blends a $ $30 billion government form. wall street critic elizabeth warren is expected to be renaming the protection bureau. the new burrow will enforce
7:48 am
regulations. president obama could announce her appointment before the week's end. 7:47. we're getting word this morning more layoffs are coming to san jose's mineta international airport.. airport politicals -- airport officials are proposing cutting six positioning. it's estimated the job cuts will pave about $54 0,000 at the airport. in the last bucket year, the airport cut 9 positions, including 54 custodial jobs that were outsourced. well, san francisco mayor newsom is praising the success of the city's programs for the homeless. the chronicle reports that mayor newsom says 12,000 homeless people have been helped too get off the street over the last six years. 5,000 of those people reportedly received bus tickets paid for by the city. newsomnew he will expand those across the state if he's
7:49 am
elected lieutenant-governor. contra costa -- contra costa county is hosting their event for free haircuts, food, healthcare and housing referrals. they will be available between 9:00 a.m. and:00 p.m. at the county ground in antioch. there will be free shuttle pro -- transportation provided. bp's blownout oil well in the gulf of mexico is set to be permanently sealed some time today. the federal government says the drilling they've been doing all summer, should intercept and then the mud and cement will go in sealing the well once and for all by sunday. a temporary cap stopped it in july. unacceptable, that's the ratings for ten levee systems in the u.s. central valley. the u.s. corps of army
7:50 am
engineers they were found from yuba city to stockton. engineers found problems with erosion, instability and water seepage. some other levees had been repaired. one california company has been fired more than $400,000. the 99-cent only stores are accused of selling products containing pesticides that were not registered with the epa. the epa reportedly uncovered more than 150 violations on several household items sold at the stores. it's the largest epa-leveed crime for violating federal pesty side laws. a new twist in the investigation into michael jackson's sudden death. why the promoters of his comeback tour are now facing some heat.
7:51 am
shop like a maxxinista. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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welcome back. michael jackson's mother is suing the promoters of her son's comeback tour. the lawsuit claims aeg live put michael jackson's health at risk by pushing him to rehearse despite signs of alleged poor health. knew, michael jackson's family also says the promoter failed to mob ter the cardiologist who was hired to take care of michael jackson. dr. conrad murray is facing a criminal child for involuntary manslaughter charges. he's pleaded not guilty. president obama promised latino leaders he will not walk away from immigration reform. >> i know that many of you
7:54 am
campaigned hoard for me and are frustrated this hasn't been moved to the finish-line yet. i am, too. the president blames republicans for blocking efforts that im-- about immigration reform and urged the caucus to remember the stance when they go to the polls in november. 7:53. there is a new book about the first lady of france, karla bruney, in -- and it reveals what michelle obama really feels about life and rife in the white house. now, this is according to a conversation bruney had with michelle obama. bruney said she asked her how she felt about being the wife of the president of the united states. brune nip's -- bruney said, she can -- she said michelle obama said, she can't stand it.
7:55 am
police say they've arrested a woman six times since june on suspicion of vandalizing luxury cars around santa clara valley. 30-year-old nancy chi was arrested monday afternoon in milpitas after an officer saw her scratch the side of a parked mercedes in the shopping center. we want to check in with sal. northbound 101, our road sensor system is -- well, it's filled in. you can see a lot of red.
7:56 am
that means the speeds are way down coming into morgan hill and getting into san jose. newschopper on the move. across the bay west 80 pinole slow. here's steve. well, sunshine for many. still some patches of fog over the city and a little bit around the bay. but nothing compared to what we had the past couple of moving. temperatures, some 40s especially an area that did not have the fog. we're starting to bounce off those morning lows. a lot of 40s and 50s.
7:57 am
the fog will burn off sooner. it's not solid. most of the sonoma coast looks to be fog-free but there's a lot. the system to the left of your screen will start to play into our weather tomorrow but not today. we'll have slight warming. a littleby. not a lot. 65 in san francisco after that fog. yesterday's high was 61. average high this time of year should be 70. even though it will be a little better it's still below average. 48 napa and santa rosa. 58 oakland and berkeley. tomorrow we start to cool it down. it looks line rain saturday afternoon and evening and sunday. monday clearing and will be
7:58 am
fine. investigators are still out there on the scene of an early- morning officer-involved shooting. a short time ago, officers brought in the police dogs. the teen bay area may soon face a threat from last week's pipeline disaster. pg&e ought to be out there today with backhoes and shovels. >> we'll tell -- we'll tell you the exact steps john garamendi wants the east bay too take to prevent another tragedy. e ret ma oilwi totr wco l wcote
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8:00 am
8:01 am
good morning. that intersection is just down the block from where we are. police still have this street blocked off. they are keeping media away from the scene. the white vehicle you saw earlier where i was standing live has been moved down the block. that's the county's crime lab. technicians began working a couple of hours ago.
8:02 am
the man officers shot may have been wanted on warrants. they started to patrol around 2:30 it morning and noticed a man who matched the description. >> the officers wanted to stop the subject because they believe he was wanted on outstanding warrants for robbery. as the officers tried to contact the subject, he immediately ran down ashbury drive and the officers pursued in their vehicles. >> reporter: now, when they pursued in their vehicles, that man turned around and brandished a handgun. now, we watched a k-9 area -- dog in the area. all the officers know is the suspect showed a handgun and officers opened fire on the man. now, that man is at john muir medical center in walnut creek this morning. no word on his condition. the lieutenant is looking into
8:03 am
how long the officers involved in the shooting have been involved in the force. at this point, they could only say for a while. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. health experts are now warning about toxic dangers tried to the disaster in san bruno one week ago today. they say the debris left behind from the pg&e blast are a set pool for toxins. these toxins come mostly from car batteries and plumbing fixtures. they will working hard to get this cleaned up before the rain starts so the rain doesn't turn this runoff into the bay. they decided to repair repairs on a section of pipeline just north of the explosion, despite
8:04 am
raising customer rates to fund the project. kraig debro is in south san francisco now with a look at the reasons why. >> reporter: good morning, tori. back in 2007, pg&e told the p.u.c. that it needed to replace a piece of the gasline that exploded. not the one in san bruno. because they said the risk to the public was unacceptably high. you already know what happened to the other piece a week ago today. it exploded about two and a half miles south of here. that explosion kill four people and scores were injured. many suffered damage. people here this south city are worried it could happen here. >> they should be checking everything. why they knew this gas pipe was here, why don't they check it all of the time? >> it makes me angry because i think they should be more concerned about the people who live around the neighborhood.
8:05 am
>> reporter: in 2007, pg&e asked state regulators for and received $5 million in rate hikes to replace part of the pipeline that rubs under san francisco. that's the part considered a high risk to the public. but after getting the approval and the rate hikes and the money, pg&e didn't do the work. >> some things happened when we're going down and then a year later, maybe some item becomes mere emergent that we need to fix. >> why didn't pg&e replace the section in 2009 when they got the money to do this? >> reporter: now according to
8:06 am
the utility watchdog, pg&e wants now another $5 million to replace the section. they already -- section that they already got $5 million to replace. because of the risk of terrorism, at least what's that -- that's what pg&e says, they didn't call us back with specific answers. and i wanted to ask them specifically how many others they've taken money for a rate hike for a job and then done another job instead. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. 8:06. the san bruno pipeline explosion has prompted the obama administration to beef up pipeline safety and informations. but an east bay congressman says the changes don't go far enough. john garamendi says some of pg&e's most dangerous pipelines are in his district and the feds should immediately make sure they are safe.
8:07 am
>> already scheduled is the replacement of the livermore pipeline. pg&e ought to be out there today with lack -- with backhoes and solves -- shovels getting ready. >> garamendi wants a hearing held in san bruno on the problem of risky pipelines. we'll continue to follow the san bruno explosion during this second hour of "mornings on 2" and you can get update any time at we have an update for you now on developing news from san francisco. this is a live picture of a protest that started about a half hour ago. this is a gathering of uc employees. they are angry about proposed changes to their retirement benefits.
8:08 am
they claim mark yudof's plan will cut their benefits. now, since we first looked at this protest, more pretesters have arrived -- pretesters have arrived -- protesters have arrived. the workers say the proposed changes could force some of the lowest-paid uc employees on to welfare. more details when they become available. just-released numbers on unemployment are encouraging. many economists had predicted an increase in jobs. a drop indicates layoffs are easing. there could be a big hotel strike in san francisco. that's because hundreds of workers at san francisco's hilton hotel have voted to authorize a strike and they could be joined by workers from as many as 60 other hotels.
8:09 am
9,000 people have been working without a contract for 13 months. the key sticking points are healthcare costs and wages. union leaders have planned a meeting for tomorrow to decide whether there will be a strike and if so, when that might happen. 8:08. hey, sal, you're flying the chopper now, right? >> we're flying the chopper. i'm sitting here flying the desk. but our newschopper2 is really cool. it got to san jose/morgan hill. we've been looking at the crash at the golf drive. it's very very slow. you can see the carpool lane is doing well. the accident, the remainder of it is still on the shoulder. this was a major injury crash the they did get the people away but you can see some of the vehicles being towed away. they are being put on a flatbed
8:10 am
tow truck. northbound 101, four lanes there. all four of them were blocked. you can see the chopp is doing traffic -- chp is doing traffic control. move along. nothing to look at here, folks. we would be remiss if we didn't show you highway 80 coming in to pinole. it's heading down to the -- i don't know why my mouth moved all the way south. that's an arrow. let's just move it up and look at the rest of the south bay. yeah. 101. traffic approaching sunnyvale. >> nothing to see here, sal. move it along. >> move it along. the last couple of movings it's moved way inland. we have some fog but it's kind of hit and miss. now, some of the updated
8:11 am
forecast information is starting to come in. tomorrow you folks in mendocino and lake county that system to the left there will start to work in by saturday. we'll start to see clouds rolling into the bay area. i think saturday night/sunday we'll get some rain. today we get a little bit of a break. there are some areas reporting fog. some of the coast looks to be fog free. a little warmer today. napa in town, 80 after yesterday's 76. 65 in the city. 61 yesterday. 82 walnut creek after an 80 yesterday. two better for oakland downtown. 68 to 70. we'll go three warmer in san jose. a lot of 40s. not now. 54 palo alto, they were down to 50 alook with menlo park. san jose, sunny and 58. 53 napa and santa rosa. tahoe was 32, 35. we had some 40s on the coast.
8:12 am
the key is this low. it's really the no the front right there. it's what's at the bottom of your screen. so this and this. the low will deepen. that will allow the high to come in. the first system that comes in will cloud things up. that is saturday in the north bay and then everyone else to the -- sunday morning. 60s, 70s, and low to mid-80s. tomorrow the drizzle come backs, the system gets closer. everything begins to change. rain for the north bay, we'll make it on sunday morning for everybody and then clear it out sunday night, sunday -- hold on, sunday night clearing, monday, sunday and nice. >> it's the last weekend of summer. >> that's right. this morning, the evidence that the state budget crisis is heading into record terrorry --
8:13 am
territory. the pope is facing new questions u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou
8:14 am
8:15 am
t'noepitsls es u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? h.oht's t rei. itlswos thas t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? a!'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't l's . y,ai wr'my0?'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. aschki. lcetoanitche.n ern't y,h'updu . aswh mte
8:16 am
the memorial service for jessica morales will be held saturday night at the church of the highlands in san bruno. last night jessica's mother made a very emotional visit to that disaster zone. there she is there in that red jacket you see there. she was allowed to visit the site where her 20-year-old daughter died about a week ago. jessica morales was watching football with her boyfriend at the time of the deadly explosion. >> jessica's boyfriend almost died that night as well but he survived, thanks mainly to the brave actions of one neighbor. michael zapata spotted jeffrey gomez running out of his injuries. he was seriously injured and begging for help after witnesses witnessing his own girlfriend's death. he was in the house and -- his hone house and the house blew up. he tried to save his girlfriend
8:17 am
and he couldn't. she perished right it front of him. >> gomez is in the burn center at st. francis medical center in san francisco. there's no official word on his condition but family members say he was bushed over 40% of his body -- burned over 40% of his body. >> state lawmakers in sacramento are on their way to setting a record that probably won't approve their approval rating. today the state budget is now 78 days late. the record for the latest budget was set in 2008 when the governor didn't sign a budget until september 23rd, which was 85 days late. but back then, it was on the 78th day, september 16th, that lawmakers reached an agreement on a new budget proposal. this year on this 78th day with no budget. democrats and republicans seem nowhere near an agreement. there is a new poll out that has some worrisome numbers for president obama. the poll shows 5% of americans
8:18 am
-- 54% of americans support tax increases for the richest americans but almost half, 4% do not. alison burns has more. >> reporter: more than 30 house democrats have sent this letter to house speaker, nancy pelosi, calling on her to stop proposed tax increases for the wealthy. now, president obama wants to let those bush-era tax cut expire this year for households making more than $250,000 a year. he wants to keep tax rates steady for everyone else. just about a half hour ago, john boehner seized on the dink visions -- divisions among
8:19 am
democrats. >> there are some that agree with republicans that raises taxes on anyone, especially small businesses, is the wrong thing to do in a struggling economy. >> reporter: right now, president obama just does not have the votes in congress to raise taxes for wealthy. if congress does nothing, taxes go up for everyone at the end of the year. reporting live -- reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. the pope is beginning our controversial four-day trip to great britain. it's only the second papal visit to the u.k. in 500 years. pope benedict is in scotland where he's spending time with queen elizabeth, who is also the queen of england. earlier, he acknowledged to
8:20 am
reporters that the necessary measures were not taken quick i. >> later today, the pope will hose a mass in glass could where susan boyle will sing. the pope returns to rome on sunday. still ahead, we'll tell you where a 5-year-old san francisco girl was playing when she game when she became the victim of gunfire. droiiiid.
8:21 am
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this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does.
8:23 am
a $17,000 reward is being offered in berkeley for the capture of the man who shot a man at adeline and emmerson. police say he was out walking with his fiancee with two men attacked him. the gunmen were seen driving off in an older-modeled two- tone suv. a 5-year-old san francisco girl is recovering. she was shot in the leg at a
8:24 am
chinatown playground. this happened last friday evening at a public housing complex on pacific avenue. police detained several juveniles nearby. one of them a 17-year-old was arrested after police allegedly found a gun on him. that gun is being tested to figure out if it was used in the shooting. 8:23. new numbers show the city of mountain view has some some of the lowest vacancy rates for office space on a peninsula. data from a real estate brokerage firm show mountain view's vacancy rate for premium office space is just 4.5%. sunnyvale's vacancy rate for similar properties is more than 32% and it's nearly 38% in san jose. mountain view is helped by the central location and by a comeback in the technology industry. the california energy commission has approved a plan being very muched by chevron to build the world's largest solar power plant. it will be built on a 6,000 had- acre site in riverside county
8:25 am
and will eventually generate 1,000 megawatts of electricity which is enough to power 800,000 holes. construction could begin in late november or early december if the bureau of land management which owns the land gives its okay. it is 8:2. sal's gonna help you get to where you need to know. how are we looking? >> we're finding out about a muni inbound delay. i got a tweet about this. so we're trying to confirm it. but the tweet said there are inbound delays on the underground because of the problems at embarcadero station. if you happen to know more about this, we're trying to get ahold of muni. so far they haven't responded. some inbound delays underground. let's go to the bridges, i want to show you witness coming up to the toll plaza, the traffic is going to be a little bit slow. no big deal. san mateo bridge looks good. golden gate bridge traffic looking good. on the richmond bridge we're
8:26 am
doing well. right now on the bridges are looking we. we have another traffic update coming up. but first here's steve. temperatures already look like they are warming up, in advance of a system that will start to work its way if here tomorrow. menmendocino county, lake county, you will see that part of the cloud ban tomorrow. some fog, sunny, warm he. temperatures already low 60s. oakland, berkeley, livermore, concord. a palo alto will catch up. same for napa and santa rosa. they were cooler. 35 in tahoe. 55 ukiah to sacramento 60. a 60 in eureka, the system
8:27 am
right there will play through the entire weekend forecast. tomorrow it will be increasing clouds and local drizzle will be on the increase. we'll cloud it up sunday. rain for the north bay and then sunday morning i think everybody is in line for the rain. tomorrow we start the cooldown. there will be drizzle, nights and mornings. cloud it up, rain in the north bay, sunday morning, makes it south. we clear it out and everything is fine on monday. 8:27. four people with hard-luck stories about the san bruno pipeline disaster are in jail. >> reporter: therethere is a, waking going out to the victims of the explosion in san bruno and the people who may be trying to scam them.
8:28 am
sarah shourd is out on bail but there's discouraging for the other two grads still jailed in roche.
8:29 am
8:30 am
there are also concerns this morning that scam artists are out there at work, targeting both the victims of that disaster and the people trying to help.
8:31 am
ktvu's claudine wong joins us now with more on that part of our coverage. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes. we're on claremont drive. there are signs like these in the neighborhood that basically tell people to be alert and be aware of possible scam artists or unlicensed contractors coming through here. we take a live look at claremont drive this morning. you can see activity is starting to pick up here. this isn't area where only firefighters and approved people are allowed in. but in the rest of the neighborhood there are a lot of other people milling around. contractors, people trying to get some semblance of people's lives back together. it's those people that the state licensing board, the district attorney's office, the police are worried about this morning. a lot of these homeowners are dealing with a lot of different contractors. some are sent by pg&e. some are sent by their insurance companies. these contractors are assessing homes. they are cleaning homes. they are trying to get people
8:32 am
back to normal. the problem is they say some people are coming in here misrepresenting themselves, they are saying they are licensed and they are not. and they are saying they are authorized to do things and they are not. so that's what they are saying is a preemptive strike. we're supposed to speak with an individual from the state contractors board. he's not arrived yet. but i spoke with them on the phone and they are hearing this has become a problem. this morning they are going to get together and discuss this. i've talked to residents and they said that it can be very confusing. they had check claim numbers and licenses. but they can see how in all of this confusion they can become
8:33 am
a target. back live here at claremont drive where the sun is up and the work is set to begin. still, so much devastation, so much work to be done. they just want to be sure that officials here are -- that the victim here are not victimized again. back to you. >> thank you. four suspects accused of a different scandal are in jail. police accused them of trying to cash in by the pipeline disaster by claiming they lost their homes in the fire. but investigators say their homes were miles away from the zone. it is 8:33. pleasant hill police are warning parents about two reports of men approaching boys. an 11-year-old boy told police that a man in a blue or
8:34 am
turquoise-colored prius tried to lure him yesterday morning near the bus stop. the man is described as white with tan skin and a heavy accent. on monday, two 13-year-old boys told police four men in a jeep cherokee offered them a ride. investigators need your help to identify the man suspected of robbing four banks. this man entered a bank of america branch on berry rosa -- berryessa road in may and demanded money. he's believed to be responsible for other counties. here is an update on the jockey who was severely injured in a horrifying horse race fall. he's still in critical
8:35 am
condition according to the staff at oakland's highland hospital. michael martinez was thrown off his horse during a race on sunday and then the horse rolled over on him and left him with a major head injury. his spine is severed. the mothers of the two uc berkeley graduates still imprisoned in iran are hoping the release of sarah shourd means their sons will be coming home, too. but there is a new development that makes that seem not likely. pam cook is in our newsroom with the details. >> the mothers of shane bauer and josh fattal has urged iran's president to bring the boys with them when he comes to new york next week to address the united nations. however in an interview yesterday, president mahmoud ahmadinejad said he would not intervene. president mahmoud ahmadinejad says the two men will need to prove that they didn't want to commit any offense.
8:36 am
now, the three americans were detained along iran's border with iraq back in july of last year and accused of spying. the three uc berkeley grads contend they were only on a hiking trip. since her release on tuesday, sarah shourd has apparently been seen by a doctor to check a lump in her breast and another precancerous condition. the uc embassy in oman said shourd will not be speaking to the media again until she makes a statement immediately before she leaves the country. she became emotional about leavinger friends behind. >> all of my efforts starting today are gonna go in to helping procure the same freedom for my fiance, shane bauer, and for my friend, josh fattal. >> we've learned that shourd is being debriefed about the details of her arrest and about
8:37 am
robert levinson, the former fbi agent, who disappeared in iraq three years ago. there are also reports that her trip and bail were paid for by oman. and we independence the espionage trials will begin soon for the two men and even sarah shourd even if she doesn't return for the trial. back to you. >> thank you. the bay area's first express toll lane is about to open in just about an hour and a half. the lane will run on southbound 680 and 237 in milpitas. the lane will be free for carpoolers. the free will vary dash be that the fee will vary. i wanted to check in with our
8:38 am
traffic guru, whether people who have transponders need to sign up for this or if you have one, you can just zip in the express lane? >> if you have one you can zip in the fast lane. it will be open at 5:00 a.m. if you have three people in your car, you take the transponder and put it in that little bag they give you and you will not be charged or put the transponder in a spot where the thing will not be read or you will be charged unfortunately. that's what caltrans -- i'm on the phone with them right now to get more clarification with that. these are pictures of 880 heading south. traffic is very slow from from
8:39 am
mont. -- fremont. live picture of 280 getting into thele v it's slow out of -- getting into the valley. it's slow. it looks like something could be wrong here as i look at my dispooch computer here. i don't see anything on the bridge. it doesn't mean something isn't there but we'll have to get back to you for another update. here's steve. some fog, but not nearly as much as we saw the last few mornings. many areas were clear at 5:00 a.m. which has not been the case. the fog will burn off. enjoy today. the weather changes tomorrow and it will really change on saturday. patchy fog gives way to
8:40 am
sunshine. cooler on friday. rain in the north bay saturday afternoon and evening and maybe down to san jose monday morning. north bay, no doubt if it. it's just making it south of san francisco, oakland, vallejo. that's the key. there is a divideing lane. the system coming in tonight, tomorrow will move into mendocino county lake county. not today. it will be sunshine for most. 60s, 70s and low to mid-80s. temperatures are on the clear side. we've had a lot of upper 40s. now we're seeing 50s and 60s 60s. 40s in the mountains. it gets cold in truckee. ukiah, mendocino county, you will start to see clouds tomorrow from this part of the system. the first one that will come will fall apart. the key is the low, once it
8:41 am
starts to deepen, it says, okay i will accelerate. fog, burning off sooner. sunny -- some areas already have sun on the coast. cooler weather returns friday, especially friday night. we cloud it up saturday. rain in the north bay and then sunday morning, possibility for everybody. we clear it out sunday night. monday looks good. >> okay. our viewers are voting at for their favorite high school football game. last night, there was a surge in the online voting by viewers who want to see news coverage for their favorite teams. there are five games to choose from. the ones getting the most votes, saint ignacious versus
8:42 am
bishop and los gatos versus st. francis. the winner will be announced tonight after the 5:00 deadline and the highlights of the game will be aired on the 10:00 news. >> very exciting. we're following developing news from san francisco. [ chanting ] >> angry demonstrators have hit the treats with a message for the head of the uc system. and the free giveaway that's preparing hundreds of students for class.
8:43 am
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to do good, you actually have to do something. no matter what you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer or donate at let's brink you up to date on some -- bring you up to date on some of the top stories. two concord police officers have been placed on early- morning routine after an early- morning officer-involved shooting. the officers shot and wounded a man after police say he pulled a gun on them during a chase on foot. well, health experts are warning about toxic dangers connected to the disaster in san bruno a week ago today. they say all of the debris left behind from the fire and explosion is a possible cesspool of -- cesspool of
8:46 am
environmental poison. theretherethere is a loud demonstration happening right now in san francisco. [ chanting ] >> what are you looking at is a gathering of uc employees. they include custodians, bus drivers and food service workers. they are angry over mark yudof's plan they say would change employees' retirement benefits. at the same time they claim he's doing it while increasing benefits for uc executives. >> and what the university is trying to do today is utterly criminal! the fact that most of my coworkers are already working just about poverty level and they've been working hard for the students and patients of this university system! >> now, the workers claim the proposed changes could force some of the lowest-paid employees on to public
8:47 am
assistance. 8:6. former san francisco mayor willie brown has angered some for coming up with a measure for city workers. the measure would require san francisco city workers to pay 10% of their salaries toward their pensions. brown defends his position saying he's not anti-labor but that the pension system needs to be fixed. democratic candidate for governor, jerry brown, has said requiring changes to pensions for all state employees would be on the table. however, republican candidate for governor, meg whitman said she would not touch current pension benefits for public safety workers such as police, firefighters and state law enforcement officers. whitman said she would only work on performing -- reforming pensions of other workers. meg whitman and carly fiorina have received the
8:48 am
public endorsement of nancy reagan. reagan released a statement saying fiorina knows what needs to be done to move our country forward and reagan said whitman would be a good governor. fiorina is running against barbara boxer. 8:47. new figures are out on home foreclosures. they show lenders repossessed more homes last month than this any other month since the mortgage crisis started. the rise in foreclosures came even as the number of properties entering the foreclosure process slowed down for the 7th month in a row. realty track said there was a 25% increase from the same month last year. it was up 3% from july. a new survey also suggests americans have become more cautious about buying a home. most believe the market has bottomed out. a survey by fannie mae says 47%
8:49 am
of home prices will stay steady while 31% believe a slight rebound is coming in the next year. they also sayty believe 70% believe it's a good time to buy a house compared to 47% in january. just-released figure show the number of people living in poverty is up. the census bureau says one out of every seven person was living in poverty last year. that's up from 39% in 2008. it's the highest poverty rate since at least 1965. the number of people lacking health insurance is also up, due mostly to the loss of employer-provided healthcare during the recession. gavin newsom is praise praising the success of the city's programs for the homeless. the chronicle reports that mayor newsom said 12,000 people have been helped to get off the
8:50 am
streets. 5,000 of those people reportedly received bus tickets paid for by the city. newsom wants to expand this statewide if elected. and contra costa county is holding their annual event to people for hutch-needed services, free haircuts and other services will be available at the county fair grounds in antiking. 8:50. well, a back-to-school block party starts this afternoon for inner city kids in richmond. the bay area rescue mission with some help from chevron, they will be giving away backpacks filled with supplies. these volunteers gathered yesterday filling up those backpacks with pencils and notebooks. organizers expect a big turnout.
8:51 am
the block party starts at 2:00 p.m. at nevin park. there will also be a barbecue dinner, carnival games and a root beer float station. can you get more information about this at our channel 2 website, later this morning. ten minutes before 9:00. "american idol" is holding its first ever online auditions for the show's 10th season. wanna bees can go to the myspace page to submit videos. they can choose from a list and upload a video no longer than 40 seconds. anybody between the age of 15 and 28 can try out. the -- coming up -- a plan to clean up the air in the bay area might affect how you sell your home.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
breaking news. a doctor has apparently been shot at this hospital. this is johns hopkins holt in baltimore, maryland. baltimore police say a doctor has been shot and a suspect is
8:55 am
holed up inside. these are live pictures right now from a newschopper. you can see it zooming out into the area. this is obviously in the heart of the city in baltimore. johns hopkins is certainly a world-famous hospital. we do know the hospital is being investigated -- evacuated because the gunman is holed up inside. at this point we don't know the doctor's condition, the doctor who was shot or the reason why. if we get any new information, though, we will bring it to you. 8:54. an ambitious plan to clean up the area in the bay area could affect how you sell your house and the car you drive. the bay area air quality management district is being asked to consider 55 measures to reduce smog and greenhouse gases. one measure would require homeowners with traditional fireplaces to upgrade to hoe- emitting fireplace incerts or stoves before selling their homes. another would be a bay area version for cash for clunkers
8:56 am
designed to get those cars off the roads. a california company has been fined more than 400,000. it's the 99-cent only stores. they are accused of selling products containing pesticideses that were not registered with the epa. the epa reportedly uncovered more than 150 violations on several household items sold at the stores. this is the largest epa-levied fine for violating federal pesticides regulations. the contra costa county sheriff's office is holding a best in the west competition for law enforcement s.w.a.t. teams. the two-day event is closed to the public due to safety concerns but newschopper2 gave you a bird's-eye view. this year, 26 teams are showing off their talent. the event includes the jungle trail, the sniper course and a course called live firehouse. the team that wins the most
8:57 am
events will be the winner. a very special bike ride begun in santa clara county. several riders led the way to a bike show in las vegas. it's a 660-mile journey, designed to raise awareness for breast cancer roy. they are gonna aride on a very challenging course through mountains. they will even go through death valley. they are scheduled to arrive in las vegas next wednesday. good luck with them. let's check in with sal castanedo. a crash in south san francisco? >> that's right. it just -- it just came in. 208 at the west borough boulevard exit. and the bay bridge toll is backed up to the macarthur maze. and this morning 880 is slow past the coliseum. here's steve. the fog is burning off
8:58 am
sooner and we'll have sunshine and warmer temperatures today. they will come up and start to drop tomorrow. as the system gets closer that means drizzle and cooler on friday. we cloud it up on saturday. it looks like rain and it will be gun sunday night. monday looks okay. >> all right. we -- that will do it for us right now. but we're going to continue to watch that breaking news from baltimore, maryland, a hostage- taking situation at johns hopkins hospital. a doctor has been shot. we're told there is a hostage on the 8th floor and it may be the gunman's mother. we'll have more details coming up at noon. >> thanks for watching, everyone.
8:59 am

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 24, San Bruno 18, Ktvu 9, Uc 9, Sarah Shourd 8, Iran 7, Oakland 7, Napa 6, Us 6, San Jose 6, Michael Jackson 5, Obama 5, U.s. 5, Berkeley 5, Sal 4, Alison Burns 4, Newsom 4, Josh Fattal 4, Shane Bauer 4, Rosa 4
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